Welcome to Picky Noo - the natural choice for authentic Thai catering in the North-West!
Serving at a Canapé-Style Banquet
We offer a full Thai catering service for parties of up to 200 guests, based either in your own home, or at a venue you have arranged.
Picky Noo features an extensive set of menus, from which you can choose the dishes that you would like to be served at your event. We offer a full range of vegetarian options, and other special dietary requirements can be catered for too. We can also help you with choosing a balanced set of dishes if you would like.
Ours is a complete service, beginning with the selection and preparation of quality ingredients, continuing through the cooking process itself, carried out by our skilled and experienced Thai chefs, and finally to the presentation and serving of the dishes at your venue.
You can choose between two alternative formats for your Thai meal. First, there is the popular Picky Noo Buffet, where we present your dishes at a serving table, and your guests then come up and help themselves.
Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai
Alternatively, you may opt for the Picky Noo Banquet, which suits more formal occasions. Here, guests sit at a table to eat, and our staff serve the food to them individually. For parties of 50 guests or more, we can also arrange to serve the Picky Noo Banquet in "Thai Canapé Style", where our waiters mingle amongst the guests, serving them from trays containing individual portions of each course in turn.
If you are entertaining at home, we would normally make use of your own kitchen facilities, but we can provide any special equipment required on the day.
Picky Noo has been providing authentic Thai culinary experiences to our many guests for over 15 years, and we pride ourselves on the high reputation that we have earned during that time, as confirmed by the recommendations and many return orders that we receive.
So, please browse our website, which has full details of our menus, meal options and prices, and if you like what you see, use the Contact Us page to send us a no obligation enquiry.
Your Picky Noo team!
Sankhaya fakthong