Picky Noo Banquet

The Picky Noo Banquet comprises four starter courses followed by four main courses. Each course is served on an appropriate number of dishes and placed on the table so as to be within easy reach of each guest. The guests then transfer portions to their individual plates themselves. As each course is completed, the table is cleared, ready for the next.

To build your individual Banquet menu, first choose four items from the Starters menu, and then four main courses. These may be selected from any of the main course menus, the only restriction being that at least one of the courses must be taken from the Vegetable menu.

For a fully vegetarian banquet, choose 4 starters, and 4 main courses from the Vegetable menu.

You may opt for an additional soup course from the Soup menu at an extra charge of £2.50 per person.

Variations on this standard menu scheme can be accommodated if required. Please enquire for details and prices.

Our charge for the standard Banquet is £26.00 per head. If you are considering a Canapé Style Banquet, please enquire for a specific quote.

Picky Noo Buffet

Our Picky Noo Buffet option is a less formal arrangement than the Banquet, where the dishes are arranged on a serving table, and the guests come up and help themselves. At a Buffet, the food is placed above bains maries to keep it piping hot.

The Buffet normally caters for parties of between 20 and 200 persons, but smaller groups than this can also be accommodated - please contact us for an individual quote.

The standard price for the Buffet is £21.00 per head. However, we may be able to offer cheaper options with fewer dishes or a more restricted menu choice at a reduced rate. Availability will depend on the number of guests, so please enquire for details.